Chaldean Numbers And You

Chaldean Numerology

Though a lot of people adore Numerology, they still view it as an entertainment and do not use it in their everyday life. It is so sad, it is like to have all the keys to the test and never use them. The aim of Chaldean numerology is to guide a person in order to become a better one with the help of vibrations that create harmony in body and soul. Chaldean Numerology is very harmonious. You will interpret it easier, if you always keep in mind Chaldean Numerology aim.


How to Use Lucky Numbers With Free Numerology Advice


A lot of numerological services offer free lucky numerological reports. As soon as you know what the most influential numbers for you are, you can start creating your own numerological report.

Luck and Numbers

Look, have you ever had your lucky days? Like, getting the beat job, finding money or winning a lottery? You have probably thought it to be just a coincidence, random chance for happiness. In Numerology we have the name for such occasions - "luck", because everything can be predicted in Numerology and there are no coincidences at all. The thing that is a precise set of facts and events from one's life due to a different numeric combinations and one of these combinations can lead to random (for you) luck.

Good Vibrations

All the things in our life have their own vibrations and own frequency. Numbers have the same and rule our life. Try to imagine living without numbers. You'll come up to some sort of decision that it is impossible. Everything around us is connected with numbers, certain amount of chromosomes; in nature each plant has a particular amount of leaves. Numbers are the basis of natures' harmony.

Numbers Rule the Universe

If you live in a society, you are probably tied up to the numbers on the clocks, as they point out where you should be and what you should do in a particular moment. There is a theory, about a pattern that creates certain events and leads to results. People call it destiny. Numerologists and science try to puzzle out the mystery whether everything is predetermined.


Unlock Your Luck

However, you don't need to hack your destiny to find out your lucky numbers in order to use them for your own good. Those numbers can influence so many things in your life and turn it to be better.


Finding Your Lucky Number

There are many formulas that help numerologists create a numerological chart, but you don't have to be a professional to use some simple formulas that, still, will provide you with a valuable knowledge.


It is believed that success consists of hard work and a bit of luck. Many successful people understand the role numbers play in their life and they really respect the knowledge provided by these numbers. Using Numerology, you can easily find the worthy opportunities and avoid the damaging events.


How It Works

At first you need to learn what your personal numbers are. Ach letter from the alphabet has a certain number from 1 to 9 attached to it. Every number has a vibration that opens person's principles and characteristics. To find a personal number you will have to add all the numbers you have from the letters until you have a one-digit number. Some numbers are used as double=digit numbers during calculations, because they are master numbers, they are special due to their capabilities.