Essence Number 1

It is a period of innovation and a brand-new chapter in your life. The upcoming period will bring you a lot of unusual experiences. You will be filled with ideas and ways to implement them in reality. Also, there will be more and more people in your life. It is definitely a time for changes, for positive and vital energy. Your main challenge will be to get rid of your past and to let new people and new events enter your life. The same applies to destructive and unhealthy habits, an overly stressful or underpaid job, and all the negative influences. New is always better! The universe favors the changes in you, so just let it happen.

Everything around you will seem to move faster, and your attention and guidance will be needed everywhere. It will add stress to your life, but on the other side, you will open managerial skills in yourself and will be surprised that you managed to cope with everything successfully. You will need some time to restore your strength after this saturated period. During this period, you will be able to think over your idea carefully, and after some time, you will be ready to take the first steps towards its realization. If you try hard enough, all your efforts will be appreciated.

You might be exposed to nostalgia, but if you let it rule, you might not have progress in your life. It is a time of test, trial, but also a huge reward if you successfully go through the hardships. Being a self-creator, a person who doesn’t need help from the outside and is able to build a future for yourself without looking back, this is your main challenge.

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