Essence Number 2

This period will be marked as a time to slow down and limit your activities a little bit. It is not the time when you lead, but it is rather a time to listen to the advice of others, to decide who your authorities are, and to understand your strategy for the next few years. It is a good time to educate yourself, to invest in certifications, a gym membership, and beauty procedures.

Your worst enemies are selfishness, boldness, vanity, and aggressive behavior. You must be eager to follow the advices and suggestions of others. It will be quite problematic, as during this period, you will be feeling rebellious and a little aggressive all the time, so it is a huge lesson of self-control. If you are flexible enough to consider the opinion of others and balance your inner desires and urges, you will be rewarded.

You need to learn how to cooperate with others, and it will boost your performance at work. Also, a great thing to do is adhere to and implement the suggestions from people around you.

This period will be associated with increased emotionality and enhanced intuitive skills. People around you will appreciate your ability to listen. You will be extremely sensitive even to the atmosphere around you, so anything that people say can make you emotional, aggressive, or deeply empathic. Self-control is very important during this time. However, your emotionality will not distract you from the right direction, as your intuition will help you figure everything out.

Others will admit that you became more attractive. Though you will be more popular in your romantic life, it is better to stay loyal, as you will regret it later. You will find relief in music. Pay attention to your health, specifically to your nervous system, as a great amount of stress from the past can show itself now.

Though you need to slow down and avoid conflicts, you still need to have a calm confidence in yourself, so others won’t think it is a sign of your weakness.

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