Essence Number 3

During this time, you will be surprised by how fast and determined you are. The level of your productivity will increase in all areas of your life. The skillset you have will be widely demanded, and you will feel more powerful and creative. Specifically, it concerns people whose work is text-related, like writers, scenarists, editors, bloggers, and content managers. Your talent, charm, and positive attitude will help you find some precious connections.

It is a time when you feel you are the center of attention wherever you go. You enjoy communicating, and in romantic sense, many people will consider you attractive. In the past, you had a bunch of problems that didn’t let you spread your wings, but this period is over, and you can show your worth. Since you are highly productive during this period, make sure you concentrate on doing everything possible to reach the plan you have had for a long time. If you don’t concentrate on at least one goal, your potential during this period will fade away.

Though it is a profitable time for you, you will experience regular mood shifts and emotional overload. If you feel something, let this emotion out; do not keep it in. It is a time of growth and personal strengthening.

You are in a romantic mood, and this period can improve your current relationships as well as bring somebody new into focus. However, be attentive as the real intentions of people are not what they seem. Make an image of the person by the actions he or she has done, not by the emotional portrait you’ve created.

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