Essence Number 4

Essence Number 4 is associated with time when you are building a solid ground for your future achievements. You will be working a lot, and this work will bring you more results than expected.

Also, there is a high possibility of promotion if you are working and expansion if you are a business owner. The key point during this time is attention to details. Your scrutiny will save you from painful mistakes. Proper time-management and self-organization skills will help you cope with all the problems that might arise.

It is a time of trials for you. It is not the best time to experiment or “to give it a shot”. You should know that you can rely on this idea or person. Pragmatism and a realistic approach should follow your every decision.

Since the load of work to be done is enormous, you need some time to restore your strength. Remember that the way you rest defines your future productivity, so never work when you should be resting. That’s why there is an emphasis on time-management, so you don’t need to sacrifice your free time to meet the deadline.

You will get rewarded for your hard work, and it might give you a loose feeling. Do not spend everything at once and try to avoid spontaneous shopping sprees. Pay attention to your health, invest in good rest and spiritual self-development.

People you love will have a destabilizing effect on you, because you seem to be a person to rely on, and they might need your help. Keep the balance and don’t let them use you and distract you from more important plans. Please remember that, if you concentrate and organize your work during this period, you will feel stable and confident in the future.

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