Essence Number 5

This is finally some time for yourself. Think about your interests and hobbies. Is there something you really enjoyed and then you didn’t have time for it, or the conditions in life didn’t let you explore your talent further? It is a time to reinvent the way you spend your free time. Your inborn talents are enhanced during this time. You can even get really cool and extraordinary ideas and find a project you truly want to be involved in.

During this period, your charm works seamlessly, so people around you admit that you’ve become more attractive and interesting. You will admit to some changes in yourself as well, because things you loved and adored before can seem too simple and no longer interesting to you. Also, people whom you believed to be authorities will disappoint you. It will lead to another chapter of your life when you are more mindful and think more critically. It is a renewal of yourself.

It is a period to think more about your health, as there will be a lot of temptation to abuse substances or food and engage in irrational behavior. It can lead to problems with health you want to avoid. It is a period of personal dynamics and active disposition. You should not be waiting for chances; go grab them!

If you have goals – focus on their achievement. If you don’t have a goal, it is a good time to create one and start implementing it. You will truly appreciate the pleasure of doing one thing continuously that brings you consistent and amazing results.

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