Essence Number 6

During this period, you will feel that the number of your responsibilities have increased and people count on you. It can be associated with changes in your family or with a promotion at work. You will become a person they look up to, listen to your advice, and deeply respect. Your empathy and ability to walk in others’ shoes will help you get out of problematic situations and reach your goals. If you sacrifice your time or other things for the sake of people you care about, you will be surprised that doing the right thing can be so satisfying.

It is a time of financial rewards. Your previous projects and skills you used long ago will come in handy and bring you unexpected profit. Projects or actions that didn’t seem profitable in the past can improve your financial situation during this period.

The spectrum of your emotions can be mixed, as you might be tired of the work you need to do and enjoy the time spent with friends and family. Get ready for the emotional rollercoaster. Love in your life will become an important topic. It is a phase of life when you fully realize what person should be right beside you, so lots of marriages and breakups happen. Family and love are really important to maintain balance in your life, so try to stick to your closest ones.

The pressure is hard, and you need to juggle your work and personal responsibilities. Sometimes, you can feel that you are on the edge of an emotional breakdown. However, it is a time of trial. If you stand that trial, you are going to get what you want and even more. Your feelings should not trick or blind you from reaching your personal success.

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