Essence Number 9

This is a time for internal and external renewal. Everything you know is now under consideration if it applies to your set of moral values. At one moment, you understand that you are no longer the person you used to be, and your habits and routine don’t correspond to your internal feelings of yourself. So, you start changing.

People around you will be irritated at some point at the way you are progressing, because you might ignore their wants and concentrate on yourself. Also, your circle of friends will shrink and change as a result. You will discover new hobbies or reinvent the old forgotten ones, and people from other communities will enter your life. Don’t be afraid to change; embrace it!

You will become a more interesting and charming person, but you will need to avoid conflicts at all costs. During this time, conflicts usually lead to a thread of juridical papers. Inner balance will not let you lose your temper.

This time is marked with extensive artistic self-expression, so if you want to create, you just need to start. It is a positive period, supported by success in many areas of your life. Continuous and consistent efforts will help you get what you want.

You will discover that you are a great team player and genuinely enjoy working in a team of peers. Empathy and interest in others will lead you to charity, and you will understand that you enjoy giving more than getting. It might become another important aspect of your life, and you can influence and reach a lot if you concentrate on helping those in need.

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