Personality number 11

eleven, criticism

Number 11 is really similar to number 2, however, the characteristics of this number are manifested in a greater way. Number 11 is more nervous and unsteady. They are very touchy and criticism for them is really hard to cope with. Number 11 need to work on their individuality and cherish themselves the way they are.


You have a great sense of what other people think and understand their real unmasked motives. You can become a great psychologist or consultant. You are a type of people who know how to fix the relationships of others, but cannot sort out what is going on in their own life. All you need is more confidence. You should understand that you deserve everything best and learn how to refuse destructive things and people in your life.


Number 11 is a number of possibilities, if a person takes his or her life under control, the universe sends all the positive possibilities to this person. They obtain great communicative and manipulative skills, as they can influence the opinion of others.


You are communicative, but shy. You are nice and caring person. People see you as a shoulder to cry on and you are always ready to help.


Your clothes is always clean and has great quality. You value the tangibility of the clothing: it should be soft, made of natural materials and usable. Add a burst of colors to your wardrobe, it will make you brighter and more visible for others, especially if you want to find someone special.


You need sport not to lose weight, but rather to keep your body and muscles toned and in their best shape. People admit that you are caring, sincerely interested in their life and ready to help. You provide others the most important feeling - the feeling that they are important and needed.


Number 2 are strongly affected by the atmosphere around. As a child some events made you shy, and with age this inner shyness haven't gone. You are touchy and easily hurt by the words of others.


You hate fights and quarrels. You always try to avoid the confrontation, and it is easier to run away for you, without saying good bye, than to add drama to your life. People often think you are weaker then they, but it is a huge mistake. You are strong, though caring and loving.


Your taste in clothing is outstanding, as you see really understand the harmony of aesthetics.



personality-numberPersonality number
Your true nature, which is your personality number, is like a narrow hall to a great room which does contain your true nature.


expression-numberExpression number
Your full name at birth, including the first, middle if you have one and you last names derives an expression number. Normally it is the name on your birth certificate.


minor-expressionMinor Expression
There is such thing as the Minor Expression number. This is based on your name that you are currently using, the name you use to introduce yourself.


hearts-desire-numberHeart's desire number
Your heart has a desire which has come from the vowels in your name.



hearts-desire-numberKarmic lessons
There are such things as Karmic Lessons. These are found when you find which numbers are missing out of all the letters in the full name at birth.