Personality Number 11

number 11, numerology

You have an ardent desire for spiritual evolution. You may be a gifted empath, who frequently absorbs and mirrors emotions of others. Being a sensitive soul and born with many spiritual and intuitive gifts, you may have experienced misunderstanding, as well as coping with earthy matters with your spirituality. You need to acquire balance.

Although mostly preferring solitude, working with others and collaboration doesn’t bother you if it means bringing your ideas to fruition. Your idea of spirituality and religion is unique, which may prompt you to share your ideas with others. Be mindful though. Not every ear deserves to know your inner values. Do not push your beliefs onto others, even if, in your view, you are doing them a favour.

Your spiritual advancement will serve many others. This is one of the vital parts of your spiritual evolution.

Personality Number 22

number 22, numerology

Your purpose of life is to guide and teach others to become their best in a certain area of life. You desire to teach and pass on useful knowledge that has served you from time to time.

In your case, stability and comfort are your attraction points in your life. You desire strongly to have a stable career, relationship, or any other aspect of your life. Once you reach a comfortable position in that aspect, you wish to guide others in doing so.

You may come off as arrogant or a dominating personality to others. It may be due to the fact that you always consider yourself a teacher. Be mindful of how you behave with others and try being a student for a while.

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