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Universal Year Number


What has prepared for us the year 2016 in a numerological perspective?


Each individuality lives in accordance of cycles, specific vibrations that develop within time. It is essential to understand all trends and developments of the year in general. The energy goes from a collective, not from a single identity. Every year has its own type of the vibration of the planets. These years are known as Universal ones.

The upcoming 2016 is the Universal Year 9. It is quite easy to calculate that. The formulation is as follows - 2+0+1+6=9. Number NINE is the last number and it symbolizes the ending of the cycle. It is also the number of the humanitarian. Consequently, this year is the year of accomplishment, rest and absolution. Also mind that this number is everywhere in the numerology. This means that we are coming to the end of the complete circle, since 9 is the last year thanks to the special formula of 2016.

This number is all about endings. Nevertheless, where we end something, we start the next thing. The year 2016 is the year of karma. While this year, we will get what we have deserved by our deeds. There is a great percentage of break-ups. For instance, there are lots of divorces of the Hollywood celebrities.

Personally, you can possibly clean out your house this year. This is an inevitable thing for everybody. Relying on your peculiarities this would be either good or would lead you to a bad end with multiple issues.

This is the year, which will draw the final line of the things you've been doing all the time before. This is an accomplishment of all deeds. All the things include your dealings from the year 2007. No matter what business, relations you have started in that very year, it will be completely done in 2016. You will receive your final outcomes.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to revise all the things you've done and alter those you still are capable to alter. For some part of identities, it may be a second chance in their private relations.

The Nine will probably rise spirits of all identities. Great amounts of people will be reaching out for greater powers, knowledge, wisdom and other directions. This year is very close already, but you still have some time remake your life, some definite situations. Of course, it would be better to hurry.

Try to give more breathing space to things that are of great importance for you. Otherwise, you will receive negative energy of the number Nine. Believe, the things would run far easier, if you let the things go just as they should. Plenty of identities would receive a feeling that a great burden has been lifted off their shoulders.

It is plain to see that there is a lot to do with very urgent matters, such as 1 million of homeless people in the U.S.A., including single women with children and families with many children that do not have an appropriate job to fully maintain the entire family.

This year determines the final stages of all dealings and projects. You ought to decide which things you will undertake in the year 2017. That one is the beginner of a novel cycle and the number 1.

During this year, you will become utterly busy in its initial phases, but afterwards, there would be much ease in the second half of it. Don't you ever forget about the most essential words concerning this year - accomplishment, rest and absolution. Take the things easier. Get busy with the dealings of positive energy to secure positive aura in the end of the cycle.


The ways to do that:

  • Meditations and deeper breathing.
  • Make corrections: forgive your enemies and ask for forgiveness for all the bad deeds you've done.
  • Complete all the things you have started long ago right now.
  • Feel the value of solitude and find joy in loneliness.


Personal Number of the Year 2016


This number is very helpful at private level and it is vital to know all of its specific vibrations. It tells us what should be started and realized while this period.

In occasion, you know and clearly understand all of your aims, you would sufficiently save up your nerves and energy levels. You would not need to concentrate on this issue anymore, inasmuch as you would be sure what to do next, having the major focus on the things to get done already.

Figure out this number for the year 2016. Your Personal Year will show your most important aims and difficulties, you can account on this year. There's nothing easier to calculate this year with the free numerology calculator software.


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Numerology 2016: Personal Year 1

prediction number 1Private year for 2016 tells you to affirm your own will, advance leading talents, improve outer significance and generally maintain your self-confidence. The symbols of the sun will help you to catch up with that vibration, if it comes to a stronger unity with your inside powers. The whole rainbow benefits you, but particularly yellow, orange and purple emphasize the vibrations of the sun. Be aware of Lion and Hawk, the symbols of the sun, as they may help you a lot. Be attentive at the spheres of the sun activity in your chart with which you'd be capable to authorize definite areas in the shortest terms.


Numerology 2016: Personal Year 2

prediction number 2In this year, you ought to sustain connection and reception of all of your experiences. You can sufficiently advance your educativeindications. Yourgreatest talentsconcerning the house matters can be also greatly improved, especially cooking and craft aspects. In occasion, you wish to enhance your cooperation with energies, you can use the silver color and turn to the moon while meditations. All water creatures would be very profitable symbols to work with. View all manifestations of the moon in your birth chart to boost your energy levels.


Numerology 2016: Personal Year 3

prediction number 3While this novice year, you will expand your own self and you will enjoy more optimism and happiness. Your ambitions will greatly enhance and you will be utterly communicative than is used to be before. Journeys and expansion of your views will significantly maintain too, and your spirits will heighten. Don't forget to go on trips. Purples and joyful symbols would be outstanding for you and would bring luck. Give special heed to your native planets - Uranus and Saturn. Their role would greatly increase and you may use their energies to your advantage.


Numerology 2016: Personal Year 4

prediction number 4In this year, you should listen to the vibrations of Uranus. Its numerology indications point at the increase of intellect and you will become very organized. During this period, you will be more concentrated at service matters. You will sufficiently enhance your service skills, which won't pass without outstanding bonuses for you. There is great possibility that there will be strong connection with your genius and you'd be tending to undertake weird dealings. You would be refusing routine and common doings, trying something novel and unconventional. This is a period of rebellion. Your closest and common occupation would be asking your service. The totems of this vibration are rebellion and half tone colors. Look closer to the role of Uranus and Saturn in your native chart, whose role would be very essential and beneficial.


Numerology 2016: Personal Year 5

prediction number 5During this period, you ought to give more heed to the expressions of yourself and watch the manifestations of mental and communicative areas. It's a high time to affirm your own designations and to cure and advance your voice. Blue and symbols with wings are beneficial for you and could bring you luck. It is vital to take to your consideration all the aspects of Mercury. The energies of this planet can hugely assist you in almost all of your beginnings.


Numerology 2016: Personal Year 6

prediction number 6This is a great period to advance and sustain your art talents, to find a perfect health balance and improve your magnetism. You should look closer to the totems of Venus while meditations. They can bring you powerful and positive energies. Your healing gifts would enhance with their help as well. You require using sensitive totems, pink and pastel colors. View all the manifestations of Venus to obtain everything that is only possible for receiving maximal dividends.


Numerology 2016: Personal Year 7

prediction number 7It's high time to delve deeply into your soul to understand your aims and wishes. Thanks to concentrated meditations, you can find out discernments and psychic talents. You should give more heed to dreams and interests in different studies. These can open a door to strong insights. Water totems, colors of sea-green and pastel can sufficiently help you in gathering more strength and energy. The manifestations of Jupiter and Neptune. These planets rule your native chart and they can tell you what things to undertake and how to cope with them.


Numerology 2016: Personal Year 8

prediction number 8The time has come to greatly concentrate upon yourself. You ought to figure out all of your wishes and the ways you are going to reach them. This is a period of great challenges and it would need from your hard labor. Notwithstanding, this will give you more strength and you will be prepared for bad times, dealing with them slightly. This vibration is very promising for your ambitions. You will enjoy amazing success in business. You will act smartly and almost all of your efforts will bring you outstanding income.Don't be afraid to invest and listen to your intuition. You should use this time to your fullest advantage to build up strong foundations in all spheres of your life. Use black colors and dark hues of green, red, purple and indigo. The totems of wisdom would be also very helpful to get a proper connection with the vibrations of Saturn. Don't forget to view all indications of this planet to understand your closest spheres of action for this year.


Numerology 2016: Personal Year 9

prediction number 9This is a high time to reinforce very important transformations and endings. This is the end of all of your beginnings. Right now, you will receive enormous access to your personal powers and you have to be very attentive with them. You ought to be utterly careful with your temper, as there is a great predisposition to burst out in anger. It is a dangerous period. The red color and totems of action would be useful for you. Don't forget to be attentive with the "Red Planet". The aspects of Mars would have great importance for you.



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