Personality Number 7

number 7, numerology

You are a seeker soul, who is fulfilled by gaining knowledge in every possible area. The understanding you have is far deeper than the average person. Your highly analytical mind is often skilled in knowing how to find the information you seek.

This being said, your positive scepticism often saves you from believing in baseless things. However, this also brings trust issues. Your lack of believing in something tangible or having a strong base also introduces not trusting people enough. You can become very cold and impersonal towards people who are damaging in relationships.

You often have a hard time showing your feelings to others. However, you need to work on expressing them, as the rewards will be immeasurable. This, however, also creates a desire to form meaningful relationships. No matter how few of them there are, meaningful relationships are ones you strive for.

Being vulnerable, while keeping your sense of identity and independent spirit intact, is a difficult task for you, but it is worth it.

Personality Number 8

number 8, numerology

All those thoughts, those desires, and those big dreams you had in your mind, you will give it all to achieve them and turn them into a solid reality. Material possessions, like wealth, status, or even power, attract you greatly. However, be sure never to neglect the important things, like love and relationships.

You must know that goals are not destinations. They are more like lifestyles. What you desire most as a destination may not be as golden as you may imagine it to be. In fact, making your experiences like a learning curve, where you are constantly learning, is the right key towards success.

Achieving your goals will require you to motivate every aspect of yourself towards achieving that goal. It is ok not to achieve everything in your mind. We all evolve and refine ourselves day by day. Your personal evolution will also hone your skills of judging people’s characters. It is a trait you need to improve.

Personality Number 9

number 9, numerology

This is one of those personality types that is truly humanitarian. You are a perfectionist and share a vision of a Utopia. Your idealistic pursuits will serve you well. However, remember that always trying to win other people’s approval and desiring to get their attention may not serve you well. You need to get a grip of yourself and have faith in what you do.

You are one of those personalities that must harness their inner creativity and artistry to achieve their goals. It is essential for their journey of life.

Your selfless spirit will often need boundaries. You may attract people who will simply drain you, rather than serving any purpose. You may need to start being kind to yourself and those whom you love most.

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