Birthday Number 3

Birthday Number 3

Just like the Birthday Number 1, Number 3 is a very good number. People born under this Number are ambitious and they usually have a very strong will. Most of them are quite busy about their careers, for many people that tare born with Number 3 it may be not easy to accept a subordinate position. They know what it means - to have power and they know how to use it. These people always have enough energy to make their dreams come true, they rarely doubt and they do not like the other to be uncertain. People of Number 3 are usually building great plans, because they know how to implement them. They rightfully expect a complete obedience from their subordinates and usually they receive it without much effort. Being disciplined, they follow the rules and require the same from the others. That's why people of this Number are usually brilliant commanders. They are hardy and they do not give up until they spend all their strength, but even then they do so very reluctantly. They have a very good endurance. Physically, they are extremely healthy. In general, it is very strong and powerful Number.


Emotional features


The main characteristic of the Birthday Number 3 is fearlessness and ambitiousness. Just like Number 1, people with the Birthday Number 3 often have only little time for love and romance, but if this happens, they like to be "hunters". The pleasure of the chase is as great as the satisfaction of passion. The object of their emotional passion should better be strong enough, but in the same time accepting their power. They do not like it when their partners are playing the same role, or even seek to be equal. Partner should accentuate and complement, but never surpass.

In sexual life they are as strong as the earth itself. They like to be dominant and shining like diamonds. Their partner should remember the "hunting" nature of Number 3 and try to always correspond - always preserve some mystery for the Number 3 did not loose his interest and passion.

In the same time the perfect partners of Number 3 should be soft and flexible, if they want to keep the transient attachment of their spouse. By no means they should not aspire to equality (at least it should not be too obvious). Number 3 wants to be a leader in everything. No one should try to take his freedom away or try to steal his fire. Relationships can be good if the partner agrees to accept, that he is "the second best".

People of the Birthday Number 3 should remember, that overreaction is not always the best option. Therefore, the uncontrolled strength of character of the Number 3 may cause trouble. These people are naturally born to establish their own laws, and that's why they should not forget about the others. In carrying out their plans in life, they, like the steamroller, remove any opposition, often without thinking about the consequences. Well, it is certainly good to be a leader, but it is also good to keep the balance in everything. 

Although these people are not quarrelsome by nature, some of them have the ability to create enemies. And not because they are evil or aggressive. It's just difficult for them to understand, that someone else may be not the same strong and the same hardy, as they are. They are hot-tempered and proud, and they do not like being obligated to others.

These people must learn to control their temper and excessive ambition. Tolerance also is a good thing! If they will study those, they will be able to reveal the very best traits of their characters. Number 3 - is often called an exaggerated form of the Number 1. They have almost the same qualities, but the Number 3 tends sometimes to overreactions. If this people learn how to control and balance their powers - there comes a great possibility for them to become an outstanding person and achieve the success that they are dreaming about.




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