Mystery of the number 33

mystery-of-numbers-33The number 33 is a number with special significance. In the field of Numerology thirty-three is the highest of the "Master Numbers". It symbolizes a Master Teacher. The number of a world harmony and balance of powers. Spiritual creation, the transformation of thinking, understanding the essence of being, wise use of time and effort.


In the English version of GENESIS, GOD is mentioned 33 times. Jesus Christ is believed to have been 33 years old when He died. Many Christians consider the "perfect age" to be 33.


In the year 33 AD the Assyrian Church was founded by Thomas, Bortholemew and Thaddeus. Mircea Eliade establishes that there are 33 major religions in the world today. 33 is the total number of vertebrae of the spinal column of the Human body, in which pass 33 pairs of nervous groups. 33 is the number of Perfect graphs with 3 vertices.


The 33rd degree is the highest degree within the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (Freemasonry). The Animal Kingdom is divided into 33 phyla. The Sun will rise at the exact same spot on the horizon every 33 years. 33 is the smallest integer that cannot be expressed as a sum of different triangular numbers.