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NumerologyThe mystical meanings of numbers were noticed long ago. People have been trying to grasp the nature of Universe via numbers since ancient times. Numerology was studied thousands of years ago in Egypt, Greece, Rome and China. Pythagoras went further and even established a school to teach this subject.

Numerology was always treated with great respect. Every number has specific nature that creates certain vibrations, which are responsible for particular patterns in life. It is wrong to divide the numbers into “lucky” and “unlucky”, but some numbers may not suit the person. It brings to incongruity and the person follows wrong direction that makes him or her unhappy.

Numerological attributes of all numbers make the person follow certain pattern that can be either favorable or ruining for his life. With right knowledge you can avoid failures, prevent sad consequences and correct your life. Adjust your life with assistance of numerology if you lost the right way. Numerology can warn you if something is wrong in your life.

The life of every person depends upon many events and numbers, which play one of the most important roles in it. One of the core numbers that affects the character and life of the individual is the birthday.

Learn your Ruling Number, which is also called your personal number to get the basis of your numerological report. You will obtain interesting insight about your destiny and character, your talents and weak points, health and emotions.

The influence of name, which is also reduced to number, should be regarded too. We can get benefit from rich potential that is concluded in this or that number. Sometimes the person changes his name and reaches unbelievable heights in career and private life. The change of name brings him fame, fortune and success.

You can chart you life way and take advantage of predictions that are made with help of numerology. Basing on the intricate mathematical system the experienced numerologist can reveal much useful information via some logical progression of numbers.

On our website you will be able to get detailed interpretations, which will give you the guidelines to follow to get the enhanced life.

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Core numbers and their interpretations



JourneyThe Essence Number/Cycle
The Essence Number is a common characteristic in Numerology.

Karmic lessonsKarmic Debt
When we are reborn, we receive an extra burden of problems that we need to cope with during this lifetime, which is also known as Karmic Debt.


The seaIntensity Number
The transformation of letters into numbers is like the knowledge that is revealed to you little by little. The letters in your name that occur more than once are the basis of your Intensity Number in Numerology.

Personality NumbersPersonality Numbers
Educate yourself on this endlessly engaging branch of knowledge.


play, model, numbersZodiac sign on numerology number - What can your number tell about you
Every number is one of a kind, as well as every person. The science of Numerology reveals the features and peculiarities of each person that correspond to a certain number. Also, the ruling planet impacts the overall mood and lifestyle of a person.


numbers, numerologyChinese vs. Western Numerology
Nowadays Pythagorean system is considered to be the most popular and simple in usage in the west. Chinese Numerology is also very popular but in the east.


numbers, numerologyLanguage And Numerology
The numbers symbolize the objectivity or adequacy itself. That’s why it is considered to be the scientific language.


expression-numberExpression number
Your full name at birth, including the first, middle if you have one and you last names derives an expression number. Normally it is the name on your birth certificate.


minor expressionMinor Expression
There is such thing as the Minor Expression number. This is based on your name that you are currently using, the name you use to introduce yourself.


personality numberPersonality number
Your true nature, which is your personality number, is like a narrow hall to a great room which does contain your true nature.


hearts desire numberHeart's desire number
Your heart has a desire which has come from the vowels in your name.



Karmic lessonsKarmic lessons
There are such things as Karmic Lessons. These are found when you find which numbers are missing out of all the letters in the full name at birth.


Planes of expressionPlanes of expression: Temperament
There are four distinct factors which differentiate each individual thus determining how we will go about the conduct of our lives.


numerology answersWhat kind of answers can Numerology give me?
Life can be highly confusing at times, as if pulling you into plenty of things at the same time. Life can also be very scary and tremendously fast.


brands Numerology review of popular brands
Starting new project? Before doing this, check your brand meaning by numerology.


personal yearFinding Your Personal Year

Your Personal Month Number



balanceBalance numbers
Until your personal life is off-balance and you must rely more heavily on this number.


Chaldean NumerologyChaldean Numerology
Numerological system that attributes values of numbers to letters, so people can define numerological signs.


lucky numersEveryday Uses for Your Lucky Numbers
There are some easy tricks you can use to attract the kind of energy you need today to yourself.


Kabbalah NumerologyKabbalah Numerology
Kabbalah knowledge have originated from Hebrew mystical sciences, and its largest part is Hebrew alphabet.


One, numbers1111 Meaning Numerology: Does Number 1111 Follow You?
In Numerology number 1111 can be compared with the emergency alarm, or a signalization, or a fire alarm. 1111 is associated with warning, encouragement to act or a certain activating code.


One, numbersNumerology 111 meaning: keep seeing 1, 11,111?
Number one is a symbol of self-confidence, forwardness, freedom and superiority. 11 is considered to be the strongest among karmic numbers. 111 is a sign that you should control your thoughts and plans.


house, numbersAddress Numerology: secrets of your house address
The address of your home and place of your living can have bigger meaning. It influences the direction of your life and how you cooperate with people around.


hand, mobile, numberMobile number numerology: how to find the right number?
Look at your mobile number, do you see that the numbers there go into bigger and bigger numbers, showing an upward direction - if yes, you are a lucky one.


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