Psycho matrix numerology

Pythagoras matrixThe Pythagoras matrix (also called Psycho matrix) numerological system quite rightly can be called a teaching that is absolutely new to the current century. Indeed, this system had absorbed the priceless grain of a secret knowledge of the priests of ancient Egypt, the sages of China, the Pythagoreans, which came down to us from the time immemorial.

It was probably the ancient Egyptians who first invented a unique system of numerology that pointed and later studied the unity of people and nature around them. They concluded that the certain qualities of human character are corresponding to a certain numbers and due to this fact it is possible to anticipate, what kind of person may grow out of a certain child, in which areas of life he will be lucky, what are the preferences of this or another person in different areas of life. Thus, the established system made life more predictable and gave a better chance of survival, and it was certainly very important during those tough times of wars and disasters.


Great Pythagoras and his students have added to the Egyptian "science of numbers" a mathematical innovation, based on the harmony of the square (as we all know, this figure has many axes of symmetry). Because of this, the numerological system has been greatly expanded. In addition, the "Pythagorean" version of numerology reflected also an Orphic doctrine of transmigration of souls. Thus, in addition to the hints of information about present life, "the science of numbers" was encouraging people to live it "as good as possible", because the next incarnation depended greatly on how person lived before.


Regardless of the numerological systems of ancient Egypt and Greece, in China there was also developed a certain technique, which made it possible to predict the diseases that may threaten humans. Chinese numerology, U-Shin; doctrine that states that every organ in the human body is corresponding to a specific number. In addition, this system includes the ancient Eastern medicine concept that human organs have their own "spirits" and each of them represents a particular emotion. U-Shin united those studies, so there finally emerged a new concept of "number-organ" interaction that has no analogues. Also U-Shin was helping people to realize that their destiny depends largely on them, rather than on some sort of "bad fate".


Since then, many centuries passed. Secret knowledge of the ancient Egyptians was largely lost, and only some have survived - thanks to the noble work of historians.

Pythagoras died tragically in a terrible fire along with his disciples. And if there was no evidence left by Philolaus, the only student of the Pythagoras, that survived, we would never have learned about the "Pythagorean science of the numbers vibrations".


In China, after the "Cultural Revolution", numerology of the U-Shin fell into disgrace, becoming a hindrance to the "new society". Great teachers, who knew the secrets of this ancient science, died, the unique ancient manuscripts - the primary sources of Chinese medicine - were destroyed or stolen ... However, years later some of those manuscripts were found, but a lot of knowledge was still irretrievably lost. Therefore, it is extremely difficult now to understand and decipher most of the manuscripts. Maybe that's why in modern China U-Shin system every year is becoming less and less popular, and nowadays there are almost no pulse diagnosis left - those amazing professionals, who can distinguish several dozen varieties of pulses in only one point.


Professor and academic A. Alexandrov first heard about this science some years ago, from a small booklet, which briefly described the secret knowledge of ancient Egyptians and the teachings of Pythagoras. This prompted him to seek the lost secrets of numerology, and a few years later there was developed a particular theory, that was later quite successfully tested in practice. The success of those studies was largely possible due to the differential mathematics - no wonder people say that mathematics brings the mind in order.

The newly established numerological system has proven to be extremely accurate: even when using only a person's birth date, we can reveal about fifty personal parameters. Moreover, the accuracy of the calculation reaches at least 80%, especially if the question is about the compatibility of parents with their children and people in a marriage.


Many people are successfully using the Psycho matrix system. For example, many entrepreneurs who would like to identify the particular nature of their customers and competitors, managers - for the best selection of their employees, and many others. The system has proved its viability.

Originally the definition of Numerological Psychomatrix was introduced by A. Aleksandrov - professor and the founder of the digital analysis. At the heart of this system lies the Pythagorean Numerology, so the terms of Pythagoras Square and the Numerological Psychomatrix Square have become synonymous. Nevertheless, it is important to distinguish between these concepts as they related to two different schools of Numerology, and methods of calculation and interpretation of those Squares are significantly different from each other. Pythagoras Square and the Square of Psychomatrix are both based on the birth dates, numbers are written in a 3x3 table cells, but that's where the similarity ends.


What is the Psychomatrix Square? What information it gives about a person?


Psychomatrix Square is a square table (3x3). The cells of that table are numbered from 1 to 9, each cell is responsible for a certain mental quality: 1 - Character, Will, 2 - Energy, 3 - Interest in studying new things, 4 - Health, 5 - Logic, 6 - Propensity to labor, 7 - Luck, 8 - Patience, Kindness, 9 - Memory.
In the cells of the Psychomatrix Square there are written numbers that make up the date of birth, if you do not have some certain numbers in the date of birth, then the related cell should be left blank.

In addition to the numbers of birth date in the cells of a Psychomatrix Square there should be written some special numbers, called the additional (it is the main difference from the method of calculation of the Square of Pythagoras).


How to calculate your Psychomatrix Square?