Numbers in our daily life

NumbersMany people believe that they are having both: "good" days and "bad" days. Naturally, those people would like to know how to make a choice in order to avoid the adverse effects of a "bad" day and to use the advantages of a "good" one.

In numerology, every day has its own number, vibrating its own way, just like it goes with the number of birth (Life Path Number) and the Number of the Name.







Features associated with numbers in numerology


Number 1 - Uniqueness, Freedom, Talent, Administrative, Leadership, and Revolution.

Positive: Action motivator, a revolutionary spirit, creative ideas, powerful leadership skills, self-sufficient, drives to accomplishment, unique style, responsibility, self-organization, outstanding will and determination, and brave.
Negative: Excessively self-assured or even aggressive, dominating, hasty, egocentric, showing off and stubbornness.


Number 2 - Collaboration, Closeness, Kindliness, Harmony, and Assistance.
Positive: Assistance, flexibility, caring about others, sensitive to the needs of associates, partnering, a reasonable judge or intermediary, modest, frank, influenced by spirituality, and decent diplomatic skills.
Negative: Shyness, coyness, nervousness, embarrassment, overly dwells in detail and depression.


Number 3 - Self-Expression, Entertainment, Optimism, Imagination, and Friendliness.
Positive: Many various ways of self-expression, verbosity, keen imagination and inspiration, artistic talents, precise impressions and insights, ever optimistic, joyful and fun-loving.
Negative: Scattered powers, overstatement, lack of direction, tends to leave projects unfinished, moodiness, and selfishness.


Number 4 - Order and Coordination, Assistance, Hard Work, Practical, Pragmatic.
Positive: Well-built sense of order and morals, striving to tear down limits, stable development, high practicality, scientific orientation of mind, attention to detail, foundation for achievement, an ingenious organizer, and a master of management.
Negative: Unimaginative, caught up in detail, stubborn permanent opinions, confrontational, sluggish in some activities, takes everything too serious and confused.


Number 5 - Travel, Usage of Freedom, Creative, Variety and Innovation.
Positive: Ambitious plans, innovative and imaginative ideas, bright-minded, adaptable and ever-changing, action oriented, inquiring and exploring, promoting, resourceful in using independence beneficially.
Negative: Impatient, discontent, anxious temperament and speech, frustration, too hasty in decisions, and with a lacking of practical application of ideas.


Number 6 - Liability, Love, Compassionate, Comforting, Aiding, and Guiding.
Positive: Notable responsibility, artistic, a nurturing temper, socially oriented, balanced, sympathy for the ones around, humanitarian orientation of mind, generosity, love of home and domestic affairs, and gladly offers service to others.
Negative: Vanity, sanctimony, persistence, mulish, dominates family and friends, intrusive, tends to narcissism and susceptible to flattery, and excessively outspoken.


Number 7 - Analytic Skills, Thoughtful, Meditative, Truth-Seeking, and Spiritual.
Positive: Excellent analyst and researcher, bright and curious seeker of knowledge, technical and inventive, bookish, meditating, charismatic personality and behavior, tends to solitude and peace, and a perfectionist.
Negative: Secreted motives and suspicions, aloof, silent or sarcastic at time of arguments, lonely, inflexible positions, which easily goes upset by distractions.


Number 8 - , Materialistic Approval, Achievement, Striving for Success, and Acknowledgment.
Positive: Expressed decision-making abilities, political talent, skilled handling of authority and power, working for foundation, achieving recognition, exercising judgment, decisive and authoritative.
Negative: Excessively ambitious, workaholic, absence of humanitarian instincts, poor money management, a dictator for subordinates, impatient interlocutor, stressed, solely materialistic.


Number 9 - Altruism, Humanitarianism, Likes to Give Rather Than to Take, Sympathetic.
Positive: Sincerely friendly, charming, a hail-fellow, developed humanitarian instincts, likes to give rather than to take, altruism, imaginative expression, readily gets involved in good works, writing and artistic talents.
Negative: Scattered interests, self-adulation, easily gets possessed, irritability, careless about investments, striving for peers' attention.


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