Lucky numbers

lucky numbers

Lucky Number 1

Lucky Number 1’s will find luck when they face new beginnings, and will also reveal themselves when others need to be lead. However, in romantic and financial situations it is better not to rely on Lucky Number 1’s.


Lucky Number 2

Lucky Number 2’s come upon much luck through meditation and diplomacy. You find that the latter is the best way to solve a problem; by finding a compromise. When there is a problem concerning a group of people, Lucky Number 2’s will find a solution that will satisfy everybody and keep the team out of trouble.


Lucky Number 3

Lucky Number 3’s are truly lucky, so it is no surprise that many people consider this number to be the luckiest. You are beneficial in situations that require original and creative solutions. You have a great understanding of love and money too. However, even with such powerful luck, you should avoid taking impulsive risks. For instance, don't think any horse with the number 3 will win and multiply all of your savings; it still needs strength to run.


Lucky Number 4

Lucky Number 4’s build new things or maintain established traditions; these are the best opportunities for your luck to be derived from. You are often lucky when the stability of your romance or finances is under risk. You are also beneficial when you attempt to provide a stable and reliable environment for a project or person to be grown in.


Lucky Number 5

Lucky Number 5’s are almost as fortunate as Lucky Number 3’s. This means that you will be lucky in most situations that involve new ventures and risks. You typically are not afraid of changes, upheaval, or even chaos. You are also confident in your matters concerning romance.


Lucky Number 6

Lucky Number 6’s are lucky in everything that concerns the home and nurturing, but they should not rely on fortune when dealing with business and finances. You are strong when dealing with real issues and romantic love.


Lucky Number 7

Lucky Number 7’s are pretty lofty with their luck, and may be lucky in any situation, but are lucky primarily when seeking spiritual growth, so luck for you is not obvious as usual. It comes into play only on a cosmic level and often beyond your and even anyone's else means to identify it.


Lucky Number 8

Lucky Number 8’s are lucky in everything connected to business. You may even be blessed with the “Midas Touch”, as your luck will also come in hand in financial matters. However, if you want to be successful, stick to the so-called never quit attitude, and the power of your luck will reach full zenith.


Lucky Number 9

Lucky Number 9’s may bring fortune in almost any area as much as Lucky Number 3’s. Some even argue that the number 9 is a squared 3, and thus more powerful than number 3. You will have enough luck to complete any unfinished business and achieve any goals.