Karmic Lessons

Karmic Lessons

There are such things as Karmic Lessons. These are found when you find which numbers are missing out of all the letters in the full name at birth. You can have many Karmic lessons.

Your talents and specific field of expertise is represented in your name by the number that occurs the most often in your name. This is your Hidden Passion. Just like Karmic Lessons, you can have more than one Hidden Passion.

A square divided into 9 smaller squares is representing the Karmic Lessons and the Hidden Passion. Each of the nine squares will be numbered from 1 to 9 which are arranged in order with 1 at the top left until 9 being in the bottom right corner. At the top of each of the squares, is another number. This number is indicating how many times that the number under is has been represented in the full name at the day of birth.

For example, the name Tom Cruise has 4 letters which makes his name have a value of 1. After that, he has 2 letters which have a value of the number 2 and 2 letters with a value of number 3 and it keeps gaining in that order respectively.


None of the squares of Tom in the Hidden Passion, has a naught in it as at least 1 of each number is found in his name, therefore he has no Karmic Lessons. You should take notice that he has more letters with the value of the number 1 than any other of the letters. This makes his Hidden passion a value of the number 1.


The meaning of the Karmic lessons numbers


Altogether, we have had talks about the strongest but the most obvious things of a person’s personal character. Now we shall enter the hidden worlds where desires and ambitions that people might not be aware of, it a desire to humans. To become free human being, you must be able to make those subtle to your conscious. We must be able to become aware of ourselves in the deepest recesses in order to take control of our lives. If not, then we would be slaves to our unconscious mind.


Numerology is based on the understanding of which we enter our life. This includes certain strengths and your weaknesses. The Karmic Lessons are areas that we are currently week in which needs to be faced and worked on in this life. This can cause you to have more than one Karmic Lesson. Absence of certain numbers from your full name indicates this.

Talents and abilities that you possess derive from the numbers and letters of your name.

For those people who have three or more numbers missing from their name. They must remember their rights to face any difficult obstacle that they find in their career and overcome it. Also, they will need to focus on the career. This is important.


Keyhole energy is suggested by many names which does give you the ability which could gradually lead you to great success in a specific part of your life that you chase. It then comes your key to happiness.



expression-numberExpression number
Your full name at birth, including the first, middle if you have one and you last names derives an expression number. Normally it is the name on your birth certificate.


minor-expressionMinor Expression
There is such thing as the Minor Expression number. This is based on your name that you are currently using, the name you use to introduce yourself.


personality-numberPersonality number
Your true nature, which is your personality number, is like a narrow hall to a great room which does contain your true nature.