Personality number


The consonants in your full name at birth, derives your personality number. Your true nature, which is your personality number, is like a narrow hall to a great room which does contain your true nature. Those aspects in your life make you feel comfortable in sharing people who are out of a relationship with others.

It is those aspects that you feel comfortable sharing with people at the outset of a relationship. As time goes on, your trust will increase the chances of you inviting others into deeper aspects of your nature which would reveal more of what you really are such as your Heart’s Desire and expression.


The personality number often acts like a censoring device in terms of what you send out and what you allow to approach it. It discriminates in the different people and information that you let enter your heart and mind.


Luckily or unluckily, this narrow entrance is what people use to get their first impression of you. It will either welcome or intrigue people or even lose interest.


Do you know how to find your personality number?


You must only add all the consonants of each of your names then make them in to a single-digit. Then you must take the resulting umbers and change them into single-digit form.


Personality Number:

Personality number 1
Personality number 2
Personality number 3
Personality number 4
Personality number 5
Personality number 6
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expression-numberExpression number
Your full name at birth, including the first, middle if you have one and you last names derives an expression number. Normally it is the name on your birth certificate.


minor-expressionMinor Expression
There is such thing as the Minor Expression number. This is based on your name that you are currently using, the name you use to introduce yourself.


hearts-desire-numberHeart's desire number
Your heart has a desire which has come from the vowels in your name.



numbers, numerologyLanguage And Numerology
The numbers symbolize the objectivity or adequacy itself. That’s why it is considered to be the scientific language.