Language And Numerology

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Playing with numbers

Imagine that you have a chance to meet and communicate with aliens. Both of you speak different languages, but in order to get understanding from the other side and to show that you are an intelligent being, it is better to use the language of numbers. Though the shape of the numbers is not that simple, but having a certain amount of stones in your pocket you would explain the concept of amount to your ET guests and even to communicate simple things. The main idea of this is that numbers are universal and easy to operate, so they are pushing the limits of our universe.

Primarily, numbers are free from emotional context; they convey pure information without subjective opinions. The numbers symbolize the objectivity or adequacy itself. That’s why it is considered to be the scientific language. Numbers are able to convey the most abstract ideas and precise physical phenomena. Secondly, numbers may be used as a tool to find out the essence of words.

Words are only the shape of the meaning they possess. Each word has a certain attribute assigned, having additional emotional and spiritual vibrations. Numerology can demonstrate that shaded side of the words and explain it.


Giving names: Numerology opens the profound notion of words



From this word begins so many interesting stories that it is one of the most crucial words in the life of every person. Analyzing this word with Numerology, you’ll find that its Expression number is 9, revealing kind and warm energy of this word. It is benevolent, caring, empathic and loyal. It is opposed to hate. It has a power similar to resurrection in times of trouble. It is unconditional. Heart’s Desire number of this word is 11. It symbolizes touchiness, inner feel, striving for balance, and heavenly connections. Number 11 is the Illuminator or Enlightener. Personality number of the word ‘love’ is 7. It is connected with inner feel, self-analysis, lots of meditation and wisdom which is needed in love.



The word ‘work’ has an Expression number 22 which is a symbol of transforming concepts into reality and of the creator who makes it happen. It is connected with power and determination. We construct our living and get payment according to our efforts. Personality number of the word ‘work’ is 16 or 7. Number 7 is synonymous to balance, concentration, purposefulness and completion. The Karmic Debt number associated with this word is 16. It tells us about the excessive amounts of work that lead to loneliness, exhaustion and dissatisfaction. It says that work can totally control you and serve as the only impulse in your life. The workaholic’s nature is destructive and merely material.

Practicing common words is an amazing way to boost your skills in the art of analyzing words through Numerology. Try to use the names of cities, states, famous streets, and popular names.



personality-numberPersonality number
Your true nature, which is your personality number, is like a narrow hall to a great room which does contain your true nature.