Finding your personal month number

personal yearAn individual’s personal month is calculated by adding the single-digit value of the month to their Personal Year number. For example, someone with a Personal Year 9 (such as with Brad Pitt in the above example) who wants to know their Personal Month for October should add the 9 (for the Personal Year cycle) to the 10 (for October) and arrive at 10 (9+10 is reduced to 9+1+0), which is reduced to 1 (10 is reduced to 1+0). October is a Personal Month 1 for someone in the Personal Year 9.


Personal Month 1

It is a good month to start new projects, lead others, and get things done for your future.


Personal Month 2

This is a great month for paying attention to people around you and strengthening personal relationships.


Personal Month 3

This is a nice month to approach projects that require the full utilization of your creativity. Indulge yourself, put everything bluntly, and most important, have fun!


Personal Month 4

This is a time for you to pay attention to your health and check if the projects you're involved in are moving in the right direction.


Personal Month 5

This month is a good time for embracing change, taking new risks, and exploring new directions in your life.


Personal Month 6

This is a month when you need to attend home and family. Try to strengthen your personal relationships and enjoy your family.


Personal Month 7

This is a great month for exploring your inner-self. Find private time, and evaluate what you want and where your life is going.


Personal Month 8

This is a month when you need to take all things seriously. Ask yourself if your life is moving in the right direction. Find time for yourself and evaluate all aspects of your current life.


Personal Month 9

This is a month when you should let go of the past, clean up loose ends, and prepare yourself for a brighter future.