Chinese vs. Western Numerology - Number 3

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East: In Chinese the word for number two sounds like ‘growth’ or ‘birth’. It is a sign of excessiveness and lots of possibilities. It is considered to be a lucky number. Negative 3 can be egotist, prejudicial, unbalanced and depressed. Number 3 in Chinese culture is a symbol of the wooden element, tightly connected with the originality and break of the day or metaphorically speaking ‘birth’.

West: Number 3 in Western Numerology is assigned to creativity, originality and pure joy. It is very outgoing, upbeat and outspoken number. People with this number can be motivated, enthusiastic, optimistic and cheerful. However the negative manifestation can lead to self–centered world perception, mood shifts and disorganization. Number 3 needs a big deal of discipline to be happy.



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