Chinese vs. Western Numerology - Number 6

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East: In Chinese the word for number six sounds like ‘wealth or ‘rich’ and ‘smooth’. It is considered with material and financial stability, fortune and success. Number 666, hated in Western numerology is considered highly successful in Chinese culture, as it is viewed as a triple success. Number 6 is connected with metal element implying coins (wealth) and power of persuading and manipulating people.

West: Western Numerology views number 6 as a symbol of help and dedication. It is the most balanced number among those used in Western system. Number six represents care, love, giving, sacrificing, donation and charity. Profits of this number are ability to love and share, empathy, loving of home, tendency to romance. However, if 6 is manifested negatively it makes careless, selfish and indifferent person.



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