Chinese vs. Western Numerology - Number 8

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East: Number 8 is a symbol of wealth and abundance in the Chinese culture. The pronunciation of this number coincides with ‘prosperity’ in Chinese. You can find this number almost everywhere in China, as it is very popular and has positive influence as it is believed by Chinese people. They try to incorporate this number as much as possible, so addresses, phone numbers, souvenirs are filled with number 8. This number is assigned to Earth element, promoting the stability, purposefulness, fruitfulness and material goods that can be gained by hard labor.

West: Number 8 is a sign of balance and harmony in the Western Numerology. It is pretty similar to Chinese one, and symbolizes success and wealth, but gained through the hard work. To het the profit from number 8, the person should give a lot, be caring and willing to help. Manifested positively number 8 implies productivity, will, efforts, reliability and positive reputation. If manifested negatively, it leads to greed, prejudice, spontaneity, lies and hot-temper.



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