Chinese vs. Western Numerology

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Numerology is diverse and can be used in different forms for various aspects of your life. Nowadays Pythagorean system is considered to be the most popular and simple in usage in the west. Chinese Numerology is also very popular but in the east.


Pythagorean system assigns personality traits and qualities to each number, while Chinese Numerology uses the sounds of the numbers when they are pronounced. If the number reminds the negative or unlucky word by sound, this number is associated with this unlucky word. However, luck doesn’t play crucial role in the Western Numerology, here each word has a dual nature and obtains both positive and negative features. It depends on the individual only on which trait of the number to manifest. It is important to know the exact energy the number possesses in order to avoid ambiguity in Numerology. Also, we’ll consider the changes of the number’s meaning according to the eastern or western part of the world.



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