Chinese vs. Western Numerology - Number 5

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East: Number 5 can be positive or negative in Chinese Numerology. It is positive when it is associated with 5 elements of nature, and symbolizes harmony which is purely positive. But, in some regions number five is pronounced closely to the words, expressing negation, like ‘not’ or ‘no’. Number 5 in combinations with other unlucky numbers, erases their unlucky meaning creating phrases like ‘no death’. It makes it rather fortunate number than unlucky. Number 5 is associated with harmony and Earth element, stability and calmness.

West: Number 5 is one of the most active number in the Numerology of Western type. It includes sociability, friendliness, motivation and hard work, flexibility and adjustability. People with this number are very independent, but manifested negatively they become reckless, aloof, unbalanced and prone to various addictions.



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