Chinese vs. Western Numerology - Number 4

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East: Number 4 in Chinese culture is considered to be hugely unlucky. The word four is similar to the pronunciation of the word ‘death’. It is a sign of failure. Many regions of China don’t even include number 4 into the numeration. This number is also assigned to the wooden element which is a symbol of birth, death and rebirth.

West: Number 4 is a sign of hard labor and strong basement in the Western Numerology. This is a number of steadiness, limits, work and practicality. It is not creative number, usually obstinate and narrow–minded. Advantage of this number is that is stable, purposeful and practical, but the flaw of number 4 is hot–temperedness, obstinacy and passive–aggression.

Though the concept of luck in Western Numerology is often neglected, it is needed to pay attention to one of the most popular superstitions in the western culture connected with number 13. In Numerology 13 is reduced to 4, and this association with number 13 makes number 4 unlucky in Western Numerology as well.



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