Balance numbers

balance numbers

Balance number is found by adding the numerical value of the initials of your full name at birth.

Add the numerical value of the initials of your full name at birth - first, middle and last initials - then reduce them to a single digit.


Your Balance number is considered a minor influence, until your personal life is off-balance and you must rely more heavily on this number.



Balance Number 1 shows you need to apply your creativity and courage to go through hard times. Though it is possible you're an independent person who likes to get most things done alone, in stressful periods it is much better to find somebody you can trust and ask for help. Don't neglect your family and friends.



Balance Number 2 means you should use your diplomatic skills more often when serious problems arise. The best choice is to suppress impulsive acting or excess emotion and find ways to solve the dilemmas. Tact and humor are the best weapons to defuse enemies and gain allies. Search for a compromise fair to all parties.



Balance Number 3 shows that it is important to rely on your humor and charm to solve problems that arise in your life. Pessimism and sullenness rarely helps. Release your rational part of soul and don't allow your emotions to take the lead, as this will only hurt you.



Balance Number 4 shows the necessity for self-control when you go through stressful times. No matter how devastating your losses are, this is not the best time to vent emotionally or to be angry. Instead, look for compromise. Don't overestimate the situation's severity and try to see clearly how things are in whole, as the details are often not as important as they may seem. Search for fairness and be fair to yourself.



Balance Number 5 shows that you need to focus during stressful periods or times of strife. If you want to overcome your problems, just face them with an unwavering single-mindedness and don't procrastinate. This is the best way to make them disappear. Don’t seek solace in substitutes and go on binges, just stay focused and act!



Balance Number 6 shows you are the only one who may solve the current problem and thus should take responsibility for that role. Avoid being overly comforted by other people, or you'll have a wrong sense of justice. You need to act fairly and responsibly.



Balance Number 7 shows that you prefer to avoid problems, and you avoid becoming overly emotional when addressing them. When there is a problem, you should act rationally and be prepared to address any events that unfold. If you become stressed and withdrawn, you’ll just make things worse; withdrawal from the world is never a good option for addressing troubles.



Balance Number 8 shows that you have talents for leading other people through troubling times, and your goal is to lead all involved parties to a fair solution. You should avoid becoming dictatorial, as you cannot force others to accept your solution. Apply your creative talents, and you'll find a solution fair to all.



Balance Number 9 shows that you have an ability to understand situations when problems arise. You can find the best solution or one fit for all; however, your tendency to retreat into a perfect world of your own makes such a skill useless. You should understand that often you are the same as others around you, regardless of how you feel or think. If you want to solve problems, you should take action and lead people toward a fair solution.