Finding your personal year

personal yearAn individual’s Personal Year number is calculated by substituting the current calendar year with his or her birth year; thus, giving their Gregorian birthday date for the current year. Next, using fadic addition, sum the digits to find their Personal Year number.

For example, if you wanted to know Brad Pitt’s Personal Year number you would begin with his birth date of December 18th, 1963, and substitute the current calendar year as shown below, and you would learn that Brad Pitt’s Personal Year number for 2013 is a (7).

Brad Pitt (Personal Year 2013) = (12 + 18 + 2013) = (2043) = (2 + 4 + 3) = (9) .


Personal Year 1

If you are in a Personal Year 1, you will find that the current year is very good for new projects and beginnings. You should focus on yourself and self-improvement. This year is ideal to start a new business and enjoy its successful growth in the future.


Personal Year 2

If you are in a Personal Year 2, this year you'll have an opportunity to put everything together and make your life more cohesive and structured. It is also a great time for learning the value of compromise, paying attention to other people, and fostering harmony in your life.


Personal Year 3

If you are in a Personal Year 3, in most cases this year means fun and joy; however, it doesn't necessarily signify that this year will also be of that type. It means you should find a way to speak truly from your heart. Although that may be a painful experience, as soon as you step over it you'll have your joy and fun back in your life.


Personal Year 4

If you are in a Personal Year 4, this is the year when you will take on the role of manager, as you'll need to put things finally in order and build the foundation for you future. Make sure to pay close attention to your health too.


Personal Year 5

If you are in a Personal Year 5, this is a year of changes and a good time for taking new risks and moving in new directions. Personal Year 5 also signifies a period when your curiosity will show itself fully. Find time for travelling, exploring new interests, and satisfying your inquisitiveness.


Personal Year 6

If you are in a Personal Year 6, this is the year when you'll need to find a balance between your work life and home life. Indeed, your family should be most important and take precedence over anything else. Take care of your family and nurture your children or any other young ones.


Personal Year 7

If you are in a Personal Year 7, this year appears to be best for self-discovery, introspection, examining love, and making necessary changes. If you want to explore your spiritual self and strengthen it, you should free more time by revising your everyday responsibilities.


Personal Year 8

If you are in a Personal Year 8, this is the year when you should show your leadership skills and deal with problems that arose because of your authority. It's the best time to realize your success, become empowered, and attain financial gain.


Personal Year 9

If you are in a Personal Year 9, this year marks when it is time to end everything you started in the last 8 years. A moment to complete a 9-year cycle and reap the rewards has finally come. You should forget all the bad things that happened to you for the last eight years and prepare for a new cycle.