Apollo 11 and Apollo 13 numerology code

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On July 1969 nine years since the Gagarin and Shepard have flown into the space, President Kennedy made decision to land a man on the Moon till the end of decade.


Three astronauts of the spaceship Apollo 11 – Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins on July, 16 made their flight on the Saturn V at Launch Complex 39A. It was in the Kennedy Space Center. The 363 foot rocket was three-staged in order to make the first in the humankind history step on the Moon.


After the spaceship made 1, 5 circles over the Earth’s orbit, the command to “go” or “translunar introduction” was received from the space mission administration. In 3 days the mission was in the Lunar orbit. On the fourth day Armstrong and Aldrin launched in the module “Eagle”, and Collins was in the “Columbia” module.

When the lunar module descended (4:18 p.m EDT), the amount of fuel remaining was approximately for 30 seconds. At 10:56 p.m. the first human step was made on the Moon.


From the numerological point of view it is understandable why Apollo 11 landed on the moon first. 11 is a very strong number, and it has an indispensable impact on the world. Number 11 is a master number. Master number consists of 2 digits and it doubles the meaning of the corresponding single-digit number. The meaning of number 11 is assigned to leadership skills, intuition, and inspired missionaries.


There is a belief that Apollo’s 11 launching date - July 16, 1969 – is connected with Illuminati influence. It is not surprising because landing on the Moon is the event worth of their intermediation.

Making some numerological calculations  - July 16, 1969 1+6 =7; July = 7; 1+9+6+9 = 25 = 2+5=7 as a result it is 777. 777 combination is considered to be a symbol of celestial men in Himalayan mystics. Also it represents heavens, anyway it is believed to be connected with heaven, sky and… space.


The only one NASA capsule that didn’t reach the assignment was Apollo 13. This mission collapsed because of the explosion in the oxygen tank that blocked the work of the mechanism. The date of the mission was on April 17, 1970, and everything was alright during the first part of the path. After the explosion the capsule went back on the station.


Number 13 is considered to be unlucky in numerology, and we can see it on the Apollo’s 13 example. The time of propel was at 14:13 on April 11, 1970 and the sum of digits in this date makes 39 which is triple 13. In the Texas, where the launching was made, the actual time of start was 13:13.


Number 13 in numerological knowledge relates to Karmic Debts numbers. According to numerology, this number means continuous problems that are pointless to struggle with. All the efforts will be vain, and the success in this case is really hard to reach. However, number 13 can be beaten if the person is focused and purposeful.



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