The Essence Number/Cycle


The Essence Number is a common characteristic in Numerology. It provides an outline of your possible future and the situations that can happen during your journey. It is based on your name and is derived from the numerical value of each letter in your name. Each number bears information on the advantages or disadvantages of a certain person. This calculation is quite complicated, so you might need some help not to confuse the numbers. You can use the numerological calculator to get your Essence Number.

Also, there are differences between personal cycle number and essence cycle number. These two numbers are usually joined together, and there are specific rules applied to use this combination properly. If your essence number is the same as your personal number, it means that you have a duality. It is usually a sign of a lack of inner balance.

For example, if your personal year number equals 4, the same as your essence cycle number, it is associated with a lot of hard work, emphasis on professional development, and a scrutinizing approach to everything, which is stressful. Also, lots of factors in your life ask for your attention, and you’ll feel that you are scattering your life on different errands and trifles.

How to Find the Essence Number

Essence number consists of the letters of your first, middle, and last name added altogether or, in other words, if you sum all your transits (mental, physical and spiritual). The Essence Number is all the Transit Cycles of a specific year of your interest added together and reduced to a single-digit number or a master number.

Essence Number 1 - It is a period of innovation and a brand-new chapter in your life.

Essence Number 2 - This period will be marked as a time to slow down and limit your activities a little bit.

Essence Number 3 - During this time, you will be surprised by how fast and determined you are.

Essence Number 4 - Essence Number 4 is associated with time when you are building a solid ground for your future achievements.

Essence Number 5 - This is finally some time for yourself. Think about your interests and hobbies.

Essence Number 6 - During this period, you will feel that the number of your responsibilities have increased and people count on you.

Essence Number 7 - It is a time for personal development, insights, and thoughts about your future.

Essence Number 8 - It is a period of various opportunities and exciting challenges for you to show your expertise, dominance, and willpower.

Essence Number 9 - This is a time for internal and external renewal. Everything you know is now under consideration if it applies to your set of moral values.

Essence Number 11 - It is a period of inner self-reflection and external contrasts.

Essence Number 16 - It is also a period to be grateful for the small and simple pleasures of life.

Essence Number 19 - It is a time when you truly need to feel self-sufficient and free.