Essence Number 19

It is a time when you truly need to feel self-sufficient and free. Your inner drive motivates you to get to the highest height. It is a time of intensive work, as now you lay a basis for your future well-being, financial success, and personal strength.

It is also a time of opposites between your work and personal life. You want to concentrate on your work or career, but you cannot neglect people you love. This unbalance leads to stubbornness, so be aware of it and avoid it. You might find yourself unfocused because everything around you wants a little piece of your attention.

People around you are a crucial component of your success, so your stubbornness and excessive pragmatism can bring you more harm than good. Listen more to people around you. You will find out that you are kind and irrational as well. You’ll be surprised that pleasure from giving is greater than from getting.

If your ambitions and strife for material goods lead you through life, you can find yourself feeling empty, because you’ve surrounded yourself with people who only value that pragmatic and cynical feature in others. Also, in case of Essence Cycle 19, it can lead to illegal and criminal activities, as well as problems with the law.

During this period, you might limit your communication with others. Also, you can experience mixed emotions, as your motivation and ambitiousness will take more effort than before. You might think that you are losing steam.

The main lesson of Essence Cycle/ Number 19 is to learn how to maintain a healthy balance between your ambitions, need to be self-sufficient, and financially stability with your need to love, speak with others, and value morals over money. If you manage to keep up this balance, you will be rewarded. Also, this essence number favors material well-being and money-related affairs, so if you work consistently, you will definitely bring your dreams to reality. Don’t be hard on yourself. If you work well, you deserve good rest as well.

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