Essence Number 11

This is a period when you are able to explore your mind beyond what you could expect. Your intuition works fully, and you feel the true intentions of people or how they feel towards each other. Your eyes are sharp, and your mind seems to be limitless. You also see a lot of horrible, as well as good and pure, things around you.

Your sensitivity is a game of contrasts. On the one hand, you understand and realize a lot of things around you; on the other hand, your own emotions are more powerful, and you dislike yourself for every little mistake you would neglect before. Don’t let a negative attitude destroy everything good in you, starting from your mood and disposition.

It is a period of inner self-reflection and external contrasts. You will need to figure out if the road you’ve chosen is the right one for you, if your authorities are truthful, and if you want to develop in that direction. Also, deep self-analysis and simple appreciation of everything good in you will help you develop your stronger features. Always concentrate on your strengths; don’t be your worst enemy by judging yourself.

This time will bring you some problems, but you should get through it, because it will only clear your vision on what you want to get in this life. Listen to your intuition, and your choice will be right. You will definitely evolve as a person. The harmony of prioritizing and determined work in your career will lead you to a successful outcome. The most important thing for you is to look deep within and understand what you really want.

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