Essence Number 16

If you always felt that you are capable of more, but there was something that you couldn’t explain that stopped you from pursuing your goals, the time has come to get rid of all the limitations. You are going to see your potential at its fullest. If you were afraid of social judgement or just lacked belief in yourself, this period will help you start step by step.

It is a time of change; it will not feel usual for you. You will find yourself in the center of events you never thought could happen to you. However, it is also a time when your past and negative events from the past can follow you, especially if you have unfinished business or debts from the past. It will be emotionally hard for you, as you didn’t expect it to come. You might be feeling lonelier than ever.

It is a time of trial, and you should consider it as a test. Don’t hide from your problems. Act in a timely and consistent manner, and you will get rid of all the problems that appeared. It is a lesson of self-control. Consider this time as a period of cleaning: you need to clean everything bad from your life; face some problems now in order to start a new chapter with a blank page. Essence 16 doesn’t usually last for a long time. You will understand that you are stronger than you or anyone thought and that you are a tough one. After this phase, everyone will meet and greet the new upgraded version of you.

It is also a period to be grateful for the small and simple pleasures of life. Every one of us is extremely rich, and you will realize it. Be thankful for what you have and remember when you desired what you take for granted now.

You should also work on your stubbornness or you will experience more problems further. Widen your outlook; listen to the opinion of others. Spiritual balance and faith will help you keep yourself whole during this phase. You can invest your time in spiritual practices, meditations, self-reflection, books, and music you truly like and other activities that help you maintain calm energy or get rid of an excessive, aggressive one.

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