Kabbalah Numerology

Among all branches of Numerology, Kabbalah Numerology is one of the largest and it became popular after few Hollywood stars like Britney and Madonna began popularizing this branch. Kabbalah is pronounced like "Kabala".


Background of Kabbalah Numerology
Kabbalah knowledge have originated from Hebrew mystical sciences, and its largest part is Hebrew alphabet. The meaning of the word Kabbalah symbolizes the work of mind, rather than the experience out body had. It means that Kabbalah numerological system assumes one to have profound level of self-understanding and self-honesty.


For example Chaldean and Pythagorean Numerologies need different information about a person. When it comes to Kabbalah Numerology - only name is needed. That's why some people consider it being less efficient among other numerological approaches.

How Kabbalah Numerology Works

Every letter of the alphabet has a certain value attached, as you can see below:

Kabbalah Numerology

Hebrew alphabet served as a basis for finding numerical values of each letter. There is a tendency to concentrate only on the most common numbers, because Kabbalah knowledge has more than four hundred path numbers. The ultimate task is to find right Kabbalah number for everyone.


How to Find A Kabbalah Number

In order to find out your personal Kabbalah number, take a look at your first name. Then check the value of your name. By the way, your middle name should be included as well. Make a sum from each value of each letter. You will have a double digit number, sometimes even more than double. You should divide the result by 9. All the numbers that remain after a whole number are called remainder, after that just add 1 to remainder: it would be your Kabbalah number.

For instance, your letter's value result is 42. If you divide 42 by 9, you will have 6 as a remainder. To number 6 you have to add 1, the result will be your Kabbalah number - 7. In cases when you have a whole number as a result, and there is no remainder like in 81, you should imagine it like 81.0 and add 1 to a remainder 0. Your Kabbalah number will be 1.

What Does a Kabbalah Number Mean?

As soon as you've found out your Kabbalah number, you can look at the energy that is connected to this number. So the major Kabbalah values are:

1 - Development.
2 - Enlargement.
3 - Affection.
4 - Unsuccessful.
5 - Formation.
6 - Implementation.
7 - Mystic.
8 - Impetuous.
9 - Luck.

What Makes The Kabbalah Method Different?

For the person, unfamiliar with different branches of Numerology, Kabbalah may seem just as many others. Generally, each branch of Numerology says something using numbers. Indeed, there are some real differences between numerological types. Kabbalah uses only the name of the individual, without a date of birth. Other numerological branches will use only the date of birth and provide information regarding this aspect only.


The value each number has is also different regarding to the numerological approach. If the letter A may have the same value in Kabbalah and Chaldean approaches, it won't work the same way for letter W and others.


Kabbalah Numerology has a wider spectrum of numbers. It has more than 400 various life path combinations according to different vibrations. It is a hard work to do, but lots of numerologists work with the most common combinations and the most widespread life path numbers.


People who are interested in this type of Numerology, there is always a way to take part in it. Don't forget that Kabbalah Numerology works better when a person is sincere, when he or she is in harmony with inner self. Finding the key to your inner world and total self-acceptance is the main task of Kabbalah Numerology.