Intensity Number

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Intensity as a notion means ‘the concentration of strength’. Everyone has a certain name that is composed from different letter patterns from A to Z. A number is attached to each letter and has its own meaning. The letters that are more popular than another like ‘R’, ‘I’, ‘A’, ‘E’ are special ones. They imply some essential qualities that contribute to the balance in the behavior. Some names have more numbers than usual names, and it is special, as the concentration of power differs from usual and it needs manifestation in some way.

The transformation of letters into numbers is like the knowledge that is revealed to you little by little. The letters in your name that occur more than once are the basis of your Intensity Number in Numerology. It displays your talents, things you can give to others, and the path you follow into the whirlwind of life. You can see how it works here, pay attention to the chart below, as it will help to find your Intensity Number through your name, because you may have a few. As we live in a world with more than one dimension, the impact from Intensity Number can be different in each case, so it has to be examined.

Intensity number 1

You know exactly who you are and who you want to become. You know for sure that you will reach the goal if you really desire it, as your enthusiasm is unbeatable. Your main objective is to be in constant progress, and to get everything you want from life. You obtain essential characteristics for a leader.

Intensity number 2

According to this number, you are cheerful and kind person, who intuitively feels the psychology of other people, so you are a great friend, partner and citizen. You can give so many good things to others, and teach them how to be as sensitive as you are. Your intuition is the thing you need to rely upon. You have a sharp eye to aesthetics. Try yourself in the fields of art or consider opening art-related business.

Intensity number 3

You are easily motivated person, and it is a key to your success. You serve as a great example to people surrounding you. The way you communicate is absolutely special, as you know when and what to say to a particular person. Try yourself in the sphere of art, music or literature.

Intensity number 4

You are a fan of things being ordered. Discipline is your strength in cases where you lack of talent. Also, you like to observe the calmness of nature, as it is harmonious and makes you feel good. Your determination and sense of order can lead you far away.

Intensity number 5

You are a reliable person, a professional that knows the smallest details of work. What’s more – you know your rights. You hate when people try to fool you or if any injustice concerns you. Perfect work for you is the one that needs foreign trips, as you are curious and love travelling. People value you for your reliability and sophisticated humor.

Intensity number 6

You are a person, devoted to your principles and views. You are a sociable person and would rather spend the evening with friends than alone. You are always here to help. People around can use it, so don’t be that naïve. You see people through and always know their real incentives.

Intensity number 7

You are a realistic and practical person and it is hard to fool you, as you have witty mind and sharp eye. You are almost a know-it-all person, and can support any topic during the conversation. Also, you really love people close you and try to help. You should try yourself in science.

Intensity number 8

You are so inspirational. People respect you for your reliability and friendliness. You are a visionary, because you see the result at the very start of the undertaking. You value the result of the work as much as the compliments about it. You can become amazing lifestyle coach, stylist or beauty-expert.

Intensity number 9

You are extraordinary and have artistic mindset. You love freedom. Independence for you is very important in everything you do. You get confidence from the heights you achieve only by yourself.

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