Personality Numbers

Number, OneNumber - 1
The number one types have fiercely independent spirits. They wish to be in charge of their fate.

Number, TwoNumber - 2
Three words often dictate their innermost desires about all facets of life. They are peace, harmony, and balance.

Number, ThreeNumber - 3
The number 3 personality type is often those energetic people who bring life to a party. Their extrovert nature, along with entertaining skills and free expression, often inspires others.

Number, FourNumber - 4
Now, these are the personality types that let order rule their life. Their innate desire to have everything arranged and orderly is the reason they are often systematic.

Number, FiveNumber - 5
The desire to be ultimately free often pervades your lifestyle. Whether it is freedom to travel or meet new people and learn new experiences, you need to be free to be happy.

Number, SixNumber - 6
The loved ones in your life are one of the most important things in your life. You are basically a giver, who gives care to ones you love, even at expense of your own needs.

Number, SevenNumber - 7
You are a seeker soul, who is fulfilled by gaining knowledge in every possible area. The understanding you have is far deeper than the average person.

Number, EightNumber - 8
All those thoughts, those desires, and those big dreams you had in your mind, you will give it all to achieve them and turn them into a solid reality.

Number, NineNumber - 9
This is one of those personality types that is truly humanitarian. You are a perfectionist and share a vision of a Utopia.

Number, ElevenNumber - 11
You have an ardent desire for spiritual evolution. You may be a gifted empath, who frequently absorbs and mirrors emotions of others.

Number, Twenty twoNumber - 22
Your purpose of life is to guide and teach others to become their best in a certain area of life. You desire to teach and pass on useful knowledge that has served you from time to time.

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