Everyday Uses for Your Lucky Numbers


There are some easy tricks you can use to attract the kind of energy you need today to yourself. When you use lucky numbers, you can easily dive into the profitable atmosphere in your life that we usually title as "luck".


House address. If you are looking for a new house, take into account those addresses that contain your personal lucky numbers. Keep in mind that street name can also be transformed into numbers and reduced to a single digit number, so you can read the vibrations connected with this street.

Phone number. If you have an opportunity, choose a phone number that has as many of your lucky numbers as possible.

Compatibility. If you think you are unhappy in love, maybe you and your partner just don't match in numbers. A lot o websites offer free compatibility reports as well as lucky number reports. Check whether you and your possible mate go well together in Numerology.

Date of the wedding. It is one of the most widespread manipulations with Numerology. People all over the world use Numerology to find the best date for a wedding. You will need to use not only yours report, but a report of your half to find a date appropriate for both of you. Or just find a numerologist, they provide such services.

Birthday. In some cases we are able to choose the date of birth of our child. It happens when a women will have a Caesarian birth, so double check whether this date has good vibrations for the future of your child.

Child's name. Use your lucky numbers to find the good name for your child. Also you can transform letters of this name into numbers and look into energies concerned with the number.

License tag. It can be really profitable in journeys and routine riding to have license tag with your lucky numbers in it.

Business startups. Your lucky numbers can suggest you a date for opening of your business. A good beginning is very important.

Date of dismissal. Choose a good day to quit from your job and start your business or find a new one. Also you can calculate profitable dates and time of interviews.

Journeys. Choose travel days according to your lucky numbers in order to have the best travel ever. It works for flight dates, seats, time of landing, hotel rooms, etc.


Use Your Lucky Numbers to Your Advantage

Numerological knowledge works for your good, so use it as often as you can in order not to miss a good opportunity in your life. Play with numbers and look what they suggest you and how you can change your life for better.