Address Numerology: secrets of your house address

house number, addressIt is a well-known fact that numbers reflect certain vibrations. That's why the address of your home and place of your living can have bigger meaning than you thought. It influences the direction of your life and how you cooperate with people around. Let's consider some facts about address numerology and how to find the proper number of street that suits you.

How to Find and Analyze Your Address Number

Your address number consists of all the digits in your place and street numbers, add them, if you have two or three digit number you need to reduce it to a single one. This information will show how your surrounding suits and influences your mood and communication with others.


If you have number 1, you are self-confident and authoritative and your home only supports this. The home you have is a great place for leadership, management and enthusiasm, and a lot of people want to live there. Your home can improve your self-confidence and perseverance.


Number 2 as an address number shows a very comfy and snug place, where you can hide from the evil and burdening responsibilities of your life. You tend to value your privacy very much and you are a very picky person when it comes to friends and people to reveal yourself to.


This address number implicates that you are very sociable and joyful person. Your home is open for your friends and you really admire friendly chat at your place. Number 3 are family type of people, they feel better if they can share a home with someone close.


Number 4 as an address number is a place which is protected and provides strong basis for those who live there. It is a perfect place for people who are going to have financial changes like investments or loans.


A house of number 5 is a headquarter of fun! People who have number 5 opt to have noisy evenings with friends and to live a full and joyful life. It is full of adventures. If you are looking for a calm and serene place, address number 5 home is awful choice for you, but if you want to have some fun this is it.


Number 6 in this case is a good sign for people who are involved in some sort of art. This home encourages art and inspires. The energy of such home is calm, peaceful and balanced. People with families and kids will also be happy there.


Address number 7 is a perfect place for seclusion and being alone. It is the best place for people with profession that requires peace and long times of sitting like writers, IT-specialists, gamers, scientists etc. This place will combine calm working atmosphere and cozy home feel.


Address number 8 place is a nice place for people with instant ideas-generation process and for active businessmen.


It is the best number for people who want to start a life leaving the past behind, this place will offer calmness and success.