Zodiac sign on numerology number - Number 2

number 2, numerology

Number - 2

Sign - Cancer

Planet - Moon

2 symbolizes the eternal contradiction of two things, as well as the harmony. This number is under the influence of the Moon and in Cancer sign. Number 2 has dark and light within. If you were born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, or 19th day of the month – number 2 is your life path number. It is male and female, good and evil, joy and sorrow. The Moon, which impacts number 2 makes the person more emphatic and sensitive to the world around. People with number 2 manifest their skills and talents best when they are guided by mentors or by other more authoritative people. They are quite emotional through their life, so when there is some sort of support and supervision they can open themselves in the best possible way. The main flaw of this number is doubt. They tend to think over too much and then doubt every decision they make, or they don’t make a decision at all, as they are too afraid to make a mistake.

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