Zodiac sign on numerology number - Number 3

number 3, numerology

Number - 3

Sign - Sagittarius and Pisces

Planet - Jupiter

The symbol of number 3 is a triangle, which is the most stable geometric figure. Those born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st days of any month have number 3 as their life path number. Each side of this geometric figure embodies power, mind and essence. This is a number of vitality and action. People with this lifepath number are extremely sociable, they know how to represent themselves and they are respected. Sometimes such people are relentless. They are dependable and expect the same from others. Usually number 3 people compile their set of principles to live by. However, they are not perfect and can be dull, choosy and overspending. Usually they have hard time finding real friends, as most of the people see competitors in them.

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