Astrology Planets - The Moon and Astrology

Moon and Astrology

The celestial satellite is as essential as the sun in its constant pattern. It is said to signify thoughts ‎of sadness, joy, and emotions; it is associated with the emotions and reminiscences of a individual, their ‎conscious and unconscious thoughts and their thoughts. It is also associated with the mom, ‎maternal intuition or encourages developing, the property, the need for protection and previous times, ‎especially beginning encounters and child years. The Moon is the judgment world of Most cancers and is ‎exalted in Taurus. In Roman myth, the Moon is showed by Diana, the seeker ‎goddess.‎


The celestial satellite effects the severity of the world and results in the ebb and flow of the tides. The celestial satellite ‎orbits the world in 28 times, with each star-sign accepted for 2.33 times. The ‎moon is associated with health the process of the intestinal tract, sex gland, stomach, boobies, ‎menstruation, pancreatic and the genital area .The celestial satellite has four different stages or places. ‎


Those blessed in the first stage (1-7.5 days) are good, passionate with Aries taking over ‎their characteristics. They are Positive and very jovial natured. They appreciate relationship and take the ‎first effort in the same, and discover attention in new types of projects. They have a powerful ‎drive and inspiration and always are effective in lifestyle. Again from the adverse element those ‎born in the first one fourth are generally a little self-centered and over sensitive. ‎


In the second stage (7.5 -15 days), individuals who are blessed are very serious and ‎enjoy great position. The symptoms of most Cancers and Leo manage their characteristics highly. They always like ‎to be in the spotlight and always like to be around individuals. Though they do not get upset ‎easily, if they do, it is challenging to management them. They have a superior feeling of respect and value ‎relationships. They have a charming character.‎


Individuals in the third stage (15-22.5 days) are delicate and psychological. Libra and Scorpio have ‎an actual impact on them. They adhere to their intuitions and are very attentive. They have ‎a propensity to get drawn to those who are very effective. They value interaction and ‎friends. They usually are generally stiff and anxious however they discover achievements in lifestyle ‎because of their great principles.‎


Those that are blessed in it all one fourth (22.5-29 days) are just like the Symptoms Capricorn and Pisces. They are likely to discover themselves a bit too psychological, becoming ‎oversensitive disappointed by the requirements of others. They do not adhere to reasoning. They want to go by ‎word of oral cavity. They are slowly gardeners however they discover individual and uncommon achievements ‎later in their life.‎


For many people who are born under the water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, The moon has a more powerful effect than the sun. It represents personal needs and it is very necessary to keep balance with the moon if happiness in life is required. The moon can influence our imagination, intuition and allow us to be sentimental, adaptable and protective, however it can also cause restlessness, irrationality and moodiness.