Astrology Planets - The South Node and Astrology

The South Node and Astrology

The moons orbit which is around the earth is not same as the ecliptic. It looks like two hoops placed in an angle. The orbit crosses the ecliptic in two points which are known as the nodes. The North node and the South node. In The North node the moon crosses the ecliptic while going to the northern hemisphere and vice versa.


Like the North node, the south node or the Ketu also reflects different kinds of challenges which we have overcome and which we have already faced. Though Ketu does not represent any zodiac sign, it represents wisdom and knowledge. Pisces is Ketus strongest sign The South Node further indicates the way in which we are able to deal with future problems that we face. Ketu has a profound effect on our lives and it is known as the shadow planet. It represents liberalization and also helps to attain self realization and actualization in mankind. Ketu is depicted with a gem or a star which always signifies a mysterious light in it. It is also known as a headless half planet with neutral sex. Ketu is believed to represent the tail of a dragon. It is a very difficult task; however it helps us to increase our concentration skills. The tail of the dragon represents any relation or commitments made in our past life. The reason of a bad relation is for Ketu or Karma.


People who are ruled by Ketu have extreme characteristics. They are both very good and even bad also. People dominated by Ketu are seen as secret enemies, performing surprisingly and with regards to ‎people within drug areas, attorney’s doctors and astrologers. Those influenced by the South node achieve great success in their life because of spiritualism.

In Indian numerology the no seven is ruled over by Ketu. Thus in mythology the number sacred is said to be vary sacred. There are seven days in a week; the seventh state of Consciousness in Transcendental Meditation is the Unified state of ‎Cosmic Consciousness or Unity Consciousness. The Beatitudes are Seven. ‎There are Seven Octaves of Music, the seven colors of a rainbow, and the seven major planets.


Ketu represents wisdom and knowledge and Pisces is Ketus strongest zodiac sign. Scorpio Taurus and Libra also contain traits of Ketu. The zodiac signs Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Pisces are helpful to Ketu while most cancers and Leo are the attacker signs‎. Ketu helps one to increase their healing power. This is one of the most positive signs of ketu. Ketu is associated with wellness problems such as inadequate movement, anemia, leprosy, most cancers and ‎paralysis.