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Saturn and Astrology

Saturn, also better known as the gemstone of the solar program, and the exterior world can be ‎observed by the undressed eye. Astrologically, Saturn is associated with the concepts of ‎limitation, limitations, limitations, functionality and truth, crystallizing, and components ‎Saturn is known to be the last of the individual planet's, labels a significant gap in the ‎time series engaged with the trans-Saturnine planet's and their period in symptoms. Saturn is ‎the judgment world of Capricorn and Aquarius and is highly exalted in Libra. It is the slowest ‎planet in the Vedic astrology and requires three decades to transportation every side of the astrology.‎


Saturn has 7 rings which represent that man has some limitations, restrictions and delay. Saturn provides us with all our education and also teaches us the right and wrong of life. Obstacles, failures, frustrations and delays teach us the right way of life. The planet governs our ambitions, motivation, career, authority and influences our own sense of duty, responsibility and discipline. It also represents a person’s organizational abilities and how to endure hardships.


Saturn provides hard work and professionalism and the ability to work in pressure. Saturn is more career based and professional. Saturn influenced individuals tends to push in career directions such as corporate management, administration, education, architecture, governmental work, business, authoritarian positions and self employment.


The movements of Saturn were previously looked upon with fear and bad omen. However now, Saturn is a balancing planet. It presents man with hard work and success. Saturn influences circulation, constipation, vitamin deficiency, the sense of hearing and our teeth.