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Neptune and Astrology

According to philosophers and mythologies, our birth, death, existence, is simply an illusion and it is substantial. Everything they say is associated with energy particles that surround us throughout our death and birth. Though it is unbelievable, this is where the planet Neptune comes into place. Once we move out of Saturn we venture into uncharted transpersonal regions with the outer planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto which assume jurisdiction over the evolution of our individual and collective souls as well. Astrologically, modern Western astrologers associate the planet Neptune with creativity, idealism and compassion, but also with illusion, confusion, and deception. Nowadays, modern astrologers consider Neptune the ruler of Pisces.


Saturn is the outermost personal planet of the solar system which is a manifestation of mankind, and Neptune is the antithesis of whatever is immaterial, spiritual and beyond the ordinary senses .If The role of Uranus is to constantly build and rebuild new structures, the role of Neptune is different and supersedes any connection with the material Many mysteries and healers are influenced by this planet. The negative influences of Neptune may confuse a person, who has not yet reached the spirituality destined for. As it is ones innate nature, it impels many people to explore and indeed attempt to experience the power of Neptune through such things as drugs and other mind altering substances. This needs to be looked into as the process of materialization from the viewpoint of progress of the human soul.


In mythology the gods of the ocean are dominated by Neptune and represents the nature and the character of this planet. This is because the sign of Pisces is the sign of water. The Vedic principle of Mahamaya has been assigned to this. It helps in shattering the human ego. Drugs and alcohol break down human ego and Neptune plays an important part in the same. Drugs and Alcohol break down our notion self but are temporary measures which create further confusion and self delusion in the long term. This shattering is the action of Uranus which gives way to the spiritual vision .Many philosophers have conducted researches over this and specially Hinduism and Buddhism which speak in terms of the transcendence of one’s own ego.


The joy of helping a fellow person, a friend, and a neighbor brings tremendous pleasure to us and helps us to shatter our ego. In this way a person is able to drop his limited ego, and experience the eternal quality of love through these activities. This is where Neptune comes into play.


planetary body and is known as a veiling power. What is meant by this veiling power? Though this is a difficult concept to grasp, this is something that is beyond scientific explanation. This is none other than the immense power of goddess mahamaya who imminently becomes this world, our senses and even perception itself. Neptune’s realm of activity is both the illusion and the transcendence of the illusion we call life and the cosmos. There is a story of a rope which appears a snake to a drunkard. The snake is not real. It just appears to exist. This further depicts the Neptune-Mahamaya cosmic action. Another analogy is useful. a thorn stuck in one’s thigh can be removed with another thorn. Then, both thorns are discarded. In this manner the action of Neptune is like the thorn – It is interdependent. We must use this illusion to perceive it as illusion, to then ultimately transcend the illusion.


In mythology, the Gods of the ocean represent the nature of this planet. There is a strange power in this planet which is hard to unveil. For e.g. if we take an example of a color, no object possesses color in the true sense of the term. It is just a matter of reflections and refractions which are perceived by us. This is what is called unveiling power of the Neptune.