Life Path 33


Life Path 33

The number of a world harmony and balance of powers. Spiritual creation, the transformation of thinking, understanding the essence of being, wise use of time and effort. It provides an analytical mind, wide interests, perfect logic, creativity and perseverance. This number reveals the flow of healing energy through the honest heart and unconditional love.


People with the Life Path 33 are always seeking to bestow their generously upon everyone who may ever need it. Joyful, loving and energetic, they touch the hearts of those who seek their protection, care and support - this is a number of souls who pick up the vibrations of love to the highest level - the universal sympathy.


In matters of relationship, people with the Life Path 33 will have to overcome their emotions. The soul, having this number, had expressed a desire to return voluntarily to raise the human race at a higher level of understanding of the meaning of love. Please note that we do not find this number often.


Person with the Life Path 33 is a master of joyous energy, of healing with love and service with full devotion. The main task of life path 33 number is to learn how to focus on their emotions for the spiritual purposes. The challenge is to understand that serving and responsibility are joyful, if we start from a loving heart.


Initial setting of the Life Path Number 33 - to benefit, to serve and to help the largest possible amount of people. Due to the strong demand for justice and human rights, these numbers are often looking after the aged and disabled people, or are engaged in any other areas, benefiting the society. This number would like to heal everyone with his love.


People with the Life Path Number 33 have a special gift to work with humanity and the indifference to their own strength. If you are carrying this number, many will feel the light that you radiate, and they will happily follow you: your faith and love will show them the way. You stand above the current events for the good of all people, regardless of their skin color, race or nationality. In fact, you are the personified Love.


The biggest problem of people with the Life Path Number 33 - to focus their emotions on the higher purposes in harmony with the spiritual laws, instead of trying to solve all problems of mankind at once. This number is present on the earth to learn composure, expression of love and kindness and to be always ready to respond to the needs of others. If the number 33 will remember the universal principle of "everything has a reason," that will avoid stress and acquire balance. Thus, the life path number 33 will find the direction of his own spiritual growth.


Numerology Life path 33 may be faced with the confusion: they can not always understand at once, where their help is really needed. Sometimes they are impressed by someone's touching stories, and unable to separate facts from fiction. They must learn that they can not be "everything" to all people. Remember that the numbers 33 came to learn self-management through the loving service and should always strive for balance - emotional and spiritual.


Clear expression of their needs and willingness to let the others be responsible for themselves - is a big part of what people with the Life Path 33 have to learn in their lives. The sacrifice is valuable as long as there is a person who sacrifices. Number 33 can find a real opportunity to serve the humanity.


Natural vocations and careers for life path 33 are kindergarten or elementary school teacher, homemaking, doctor, guidance counselor, volunteer work, family and marriage counselor, community service, director of boy scouts, interior decorating, artist, professional hostess, governess, craftsperson, social worker, instructor, social services director, musician, singer, waitress, promoter of social welfare, manager of restaurant or cafe.



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