Life Path 9


Life Path 9

Your rare sensitivity makes you extremely responsive to people and sensitive to the effects of the atmosphere, music and sounds of nature, colors, different personalities. All these things are developing your insight and awakening the interest to the essence of things, that are hidden from the inexperienced glances and especially to the so-called esoteric, the occult sciences. Peoples with life path 9 are very much attracted by mysticism and feel an irresistible need to go into this secret knowledge and to check by yourself, whether there is something valuable or not. You also have the gift of the extrasensory perception, and may do bioenergy and other things very well.


Unrestricted freedom to roam - is your greatest dream. Shackles of property or wealth are only hindering your development, so you need to understand that there comes a time when it is best to quit everything. And not just a material wealth. It is necessary to step through the routine relationships too. You can easily become a victim to a romantic connection, in this case you must refrain from the temptation to change yourself just to please the person you love. Nothing will help, and eventually your relationship will make both of you unhappy. You have to be yourself and believe that you will find happiness that is intended to you only. Do not agree for anything else, and then you will find exactly what you're looking for.


The Life Path 9 indicates that love is so important to you, that you can love at the same time several people and enjoy the happiness of love in all its shades and colors. The romantic everlasting love - is not your destiny. Dive into an ecstasy, then plunge into sorrow, and multiplying the experience, find the new love. And only then you will find a complete satisfaction in your life.


Caring for others, the ability to help somebody also matters to you. When you least expect it, the fruits of your kindness will appear and you will be rewarded.


Your concern for the interests of other people often deprives you from your peace of mind, and so you soar on the wings of happiness, but then plunge into a deep depression. When you will study how to subordinate your emotions to a reason, you, like a phoenix, will be reborn from the ashes and will take your place in this life as a truly educated person. And never again will you feel sad due to the fact that people are deceiving you. You will understand why things are happening to you, and you will wait for tomorrow, with the belief that everything in this world is finally happening for better. Any experience persons with numerology life path 9 will be passing with the gratitude. Your wonderful generosity will encourage you to share the discovered truths with everyone, who is able to understand them, because you would like to bring happiness to all mankind. Let a feeling of satisfaction and peace of mind that you are assigned, to be with you always.


You will always attract attention, for this or another reason - your life will be full of events. The destiny of a person with the Life Path Number 9 is the sum of fates, determined by all the other numbers. And so you have all the positive and negative qualities of the other numbers, which makes you extremely powerful figure in every sense of this word.


Natural vocations and careers for life path 9 are activities that help people or bring them together if they have diverse perspectives or backgrounds, such as altruistic or philanthropic work, selfless service, social welfare, the arts, public service, ministry, doctor, nurse, veterinarian, any other helping professional, musician, artist, foreign service, educator, counselor, ambassador or any other work that involves long-range communications, publishing, broadcasting.



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