The Number Ten: Bible Numerology Code

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Biblical numerology associated with number 10 is connected to 10 commandments given to Israel people after the exposure to Mount Sinai. This number can also be related to 10 Plagues of Egypt and 10 nations. Greek Gods can also be symbolized with number 10, especially the titan Atlas who had the weight of the world on his shoulders, and Uranus who is associated with engineering and fancy.


Number 10 is concerned with eternal time movement or completion in sacred order. Nowadays we use this number very often while estimating or describing something that has a premium quality, or while classifying people or objects.


This number is a sign of harmonic substance. It represents the divine origin in the human creature. Pythagoras with his mathematical philosophy believed this number to represent the universe, to express the knowledge gained by the time of humanity existing. As number 10 consists of 5+5, it is concerned with two contrasting sides of conscience - progress and degeneration. Zero in this number is associated with a unity, and number 1 completes zero, demonstrating the accumulation of all the other numbers in it.


First of all, for Bible number 10 embodies the meaning of the Ten Commandments given to Moses from God and ten generations from Adam to Noah. Also such sacred events as the descending of the Holy Spirit on apostles after 10 days of Ascension of Jesus, and 10 lazars healed by Jesus Christ are associated with number 10. Number 10 in the scripture is also an allusion on ten pounds given to ten servants in apologue.


The mention of number 10 in the Bible occurs very often. It is associated with 10 weak powers contrary to the love of God. This number is also connected to the ten evils that prevent the possibility to enter the kingdom of God and to the ten witnesses, encouraging Boaz to marry Ruth. Ten plagues of Egypt in terms of insects' invasion, illnesses of animals and people, natural disasters, continuous deaths of newborns and epidemics were sent by God and also can be associated with number 10. The completeness of number 10 in this example manifests itself fully, as the plagues covered all the spheres of human life.


Number 10 in Bible is also about 10 nations who were hostile to the Israel. It is believed that God moved back the shadow of Ahaz altitude dial by 10 degrees.


It is the number of heavenly perfection - 10 plagues, 10 commandments, 10x10 sockets of Tabernacle foundation, 1\10 of your earnings make the tithe, and 10 "I AM's" with which Jesus started to spoke in John.


The influence of Bible only grows because it shows the meaning of number 10 in relation to the past holy events.


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