The Number Seven: Bible Numerology Code

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The number of spiritual perfection as represented in the Bible is the very significant seven. Everything that God completes and touches bears this number, and its importance in science, physics and chemistry, and even music, demonstrates this perfect creation.


Light splits into the seven colors of the rainbow, a musical octave has seven different notes before it repeats itself, there are seven mineral crystal types and even seven periodicity levels on the Periodic Table of Elements. Because of the omnipresence of seven in all of the systems we understand today, many people understand that the Holy Bible is a perfect textbook of all of creation: music, chemistry, physics and many other types of science.


Mathematically speaking, the number seven also holds up to unique scrutiny in the Bible. It is mentioned 287 times in the text. 287 = 7×41. One seventh appears 98 times in the Bible. 98 = 7×14. Another example is that the term seven-fold shows up seven times in the Bible as well. Every number involved in these equations is a multiple of seven. If you add up the instances of the seven words in the Bible – 287+98+7 = 392 – you also receive an answer closely involved with seven: 8 times the square root of seven.


Hebrew people find the number seven to be sacred because it signifies godly perfection in the world and heaven above.


The number seven therefore speaks of a union between heaven and earth that is demonstrated frequently in the Bible: seven churches, seven stars, seven seals, seven dooms, seven trumpets and seven spirits.


The number seven is perhaps most obviously associated with completeness and oneness of God and earth in the story of creation. Everything was done on the seventh day and nothing else was added or taken away after that. Perfection was achieved on day seven.


On the Day of Atonement, the mercy seat is dabbled with blood seven times by the high priest. This signifies the perfect ability of God to redeem humankind. The Holy Tabernacle's candlestick has seven branches, which signify the entirety of God's light working in people's lives. In the Book of Revelation, God promises various blessings on believers seven different times.


Scientifically speaking, seven is a very significant number as well. Much of the human body's cellular regeneration works on a seven-year scale. There are seven holes in our head, and seven bones in our neck, ankle and face.


The very powerful number seven represents in all ways perfection and completeness with heaven and earth.


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